Delivery & Shipping Policy

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges is a multi-vendor website made up of independent retailers who run their own stores. This means that each store owner is responsible for their own policies regarding returns, refunds, shipping and exchanges. Please note policies will vary from store to store.
We suggest that if you think you need to return an item you locate the store’s return policy. You can view this information by clicking on the Policies link in the Vendors store page. If your questions are still not answered we suggest you email the store owner.
Suggested guidelines for returning an item:
It’s important to have a return agreement with the seller before you ship an item back. This means you’ll want to ensure that you have the following:
• Confirmation from the seller via email that you have authorization to return the item.
• A return shipping address provided by the seller.
• The timeframe in which the seller expects to receive the returned item.
• An agreement determining which party is responsible for the cost of return shipping (the buyer or the seller).
We also recommend holding on to all records of return shipment (like tracking information or a postal receipt) in case further action is required.