Magformers-Monster Dino Rano


Watch out! Magformers Dino T-Rex is ready for action. Click, connect and create this Jurassic beast using new Magformers Tego accessories. This super cool T-Rex comes with Magformers squares, rectangles and dinosaur accessories allowing kids create a moveable dinosaur!

This is not your typical building set! You can construct all kinds of 3-D figures with these super-powerful magnetic shapes. Magformer pieces (square, triangle and other geometric shapes) are included in each set and have encapsulated (tube-shaped) magnets within them that strongly pull the pieces together. The pieces always connect and never reject so you can easily build spheres, houses, towers, and more. Assembled creations are held together fairly securely so they don’t easily fall apart, but when you wish to create something new, simply pull the pieces apart and begin afresh!

In stock


The little Details:

-Package Includes: 2 Geometric Shapes. x2 Squares, x4 Rectangles.
-T-Rex accessories
-Compatible with Magformers shapes and accessories. (excluding XL pieces)
-Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity
-BPA Free HQABS Plastic

-For Ages 3+