Table Runner- Chickadee


This table runner is made from eco-friendly 100% jute fibers. Jute is one of the strongest fibers known to man! It was used on seagoing ships before the invention of steel cables. Woven into rugs, jute fibers provide lasting beauty and strength. They withstand commercial use and can last a lifetime in the home.

  • Measures Approximately 13″W x 36″L
  • 100% Natural Jute
  • Will Not Ignite – Meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Standard FF-2-70 for flammability

*Please note this item is drop shipped from a different warehouse, if for some reason it is out of stock we will notify you immediately on the estimated shipping time.
*Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.


The Little Details;

Jute has natural water repellent characteristics. Remember, it is a reed that naturally grows in water. Water cannot damage a rug woven from jute fiber.

Earth Rugs™ are 100% natural. Natural jute fiber is safer to use in any home with children or pets than synthetic rugs made with man made fibers. Other natural fiber braided rugs like wool are often treated with chemicals for moth proofing. Jute is naturally moth proof!

Table Runner thickness is approximately 0.17 inches.

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