Zep Dry Molly Aerosol


For lubricating moving parts of all kinds, especially those subjected to high temperatures and very heavy loads, such as conveyors, bearings, high-speed gears, pump assemblies, machine tools. For lubrication of mining, farm machinery or construction equipment, particularly when dust or abrasive materials are present. Recommended for use in Automotive Repair Facilities, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication Shops, Equipment Repair & Rental, and Farm Machinery & Equipment.

Zep Dry Moly is a dry-film lubricant that withstands high temperatures and pressures. Protects metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion by displacing moisture. Treated surfaces withstand water, oil, alkalis and most acids. Reduces metal-to-metal contact on highly-machined surfaces. Convenient long-lasting aerosol sprays a thin, black coating that adheres readily and dries within seconds. Contains colloidally-dispersed molybdenum disulfide in a non-oil base.

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  • Stabilized, micronized dispersion of molybdenum disulfide provides effective lubrication at temperatures up to 750°F and pressure loads greater than 20,000 psi.
  • Reduces friction and wear for metal-to-metal contact points.
  • Convenient aerosol sprays a thin, black coating that adheres readily to most surfaces and dries within seconds without leaving an oily or tacky film which can attract dirt and dust.
  • Prevents galling and seizing of threaded parts.
  • Finish adheres well to all metals, most plastics, and rubber to provide long-lasting lubrication protection
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